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Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and Discover

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We can accept Home Based, Mail Order, and Internet Businesses

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    Boost Your Online Sales: Accept Credit Cards
    Those words have never been as true as they are today. To prospects, it means convenience, and they appreciate you for making it so easy to buy from you.

    Of course, in reality, it isn't easy for many small businesses to obtain a merchant bank card processing account, especially if you run a home-based business. You might have a short track record, lower sales volume, and you'll be selling by mail-order which has more risk of fraud associated with it. But let's look at the reasons why you should do everything you can to start accepting credit cards.


    Profits are the bottom line for every business. Almost any type of business will benefit from taking credit cards.

    Assume you're selling a product or service to small businesses or individuals. Your profits can increase an average of 30% - 80% according to accepted industry standards. If you're selling by mail order, your sales will be substantially higher.

    If your product or service includes what people want or need on short notice, your sales can be much higher. Some mail order items are sold exclusively over the phone, or on an on-line computer service. So you can imagine how vitally important accepting credit cards can be to this type of business.


    Check out any of the larger corporations that advertise on television or in the national magazines. You'll always see that major credit cards are welcomed with wide open arms. If you have that option in your ads, your prospects will think of you as a major player as well.


    You've seen those clever Infomercials on television. We all buy on impulse. I know I have. In my home, you'll find many items, like woks, steamers, fishing tackle, and many other gadgets. Millions of people buy all sorts of these things after seeing them cleverly sold on TV.

    Credit cards let the customers buy from you. Just check with any advertising expert and they will tell you that you must do something to get the customer to ACT RIGHT NOW - IMMEDIATELY. Letting people use major credit cards is the easiest, fastest, and best way to do this.


    Your cost of accepting credit cards will actually pay for itself. Especially when the costs are offset in no time with increased revenue and profit. You'll also be saving a lot by reducing your paperwork and order-processing time. This is why all of the on-line services, such as Compuserve and America On-line to name only two, promote paying by credit card. Some of them even charge an extra fee if they have to send you a statement.


    In most cases you will receive your funds much earlier than you will have to pay your product supplier.
    This means that credit card receipts will contribute to your working capital and this is costing you nothing in interest.


    When almost any credit card is processed and approved, you can be almost 100% assured that the funds will be good. If the user doesn't pay his bill, the credit card provider takes all the risk, not you! Remember, you already have your money in the bank.


    If you don't accept credit cards, you are losing business to your competitors that do. More than 520 BILLION DOLLARS in purchases were made last year by credit cards.

    Running a business today is no longer just a local activity. Global commerce on the Internet is expanding rapidly every day. By accepting credit cards, you will be among a growing number of successful businesses that have increased their profits because they now accept credit cards.

    The latest International Data Corporation survey indicated $2.6 billion Internet Sales in 1996 and an expected $220 billion in 2001. In 2001 39% of Internet users will buy online and from all telecommunication sales 50-75% will be through the Internet.

    How do you start processing? Metro Marketing can help almost any type of business to begin offering bank card acceptance to your clients.


    We charge no EXTRA FEES, no monthly minimums, voice authorization fees and daily closeout fees. We do not offer rates that go up gradually.

    We deduct the percentage rate (discount % fee) at the time of the transaction, rather than at the end of the month and you may select your own discount % fee.

    We use 100% electronic processing via our own computer software. This makes it 100% safe and reduces fraud from stolen credit cards. It's for this reason that we can accept most any business.

    • No floating rates
    • No hidden monthly minimum fees
    • No minimum monthly volume requirements.

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    MetroCredit's CC PLAN

    Thank you for your interest in our services.

    If you would like to increase your sales and credibility in the electronic online marketing arena, you've probably realized now that you need to be able to accept credit cards for your sales.

    MetroCredit was developed specifically for the worldwide online marketer located all over the World. We offer services that include the ability for you to accept
    Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and Discover! cards from your customers from all over the world, without having to go over a lengthy application process to check you credibility or past history.

    When you open an account with MetroCredit, your products and services will be made available in our online and secured marketing and sales programs. MetroCredit is the "retailer" for your company's products and services. For your customers this process is very straight forward and to them it seems they are directly ordering from you.

    In other words, MetroCredit sells your products and services just as you do. In return, we charge a commission fee for our efforts which we will discuss in a moment.

    Let's talk about what you came here for!

    You will be able to accept your customers credit card purchases and orders by directing their orders and credit card details directly to a MetroCredit's secured order page with your company details, with an instant encrypted copy to your sales department.

    To see a demo of MetroCredit's secure order page Press Here.

    We also offer a complete Shopping Cart System with credit card and e-check acceptance.

    We will handle all your credit card orders and you will continue to handle all of your other forms of orders with payment.

    Your order page will also be your extra Homepage on the Internet and we will refer any non-credit card orders to you directly. You will be our "product supplier" which will drop ship the products directly to the consumer. Other credit card orders that you receive (e.g. by mail) you can enter on a daily basis by entering online.

    We will process all of the cards and notify you of the result in a timely manner. This service is online an instantaneous using If you should ship your product or render services prior to approval from MetroCredit, you do so at your own risk.

    Payments to you are processed on Monday only and are paid to you by business check in US$ drawn on a US bank on a by-weekly basis, after an initial waiting period of 14 days. We may switch to wire transfers after we have been able to determine quality of your orders.

    There are no minimum order requirements.

    Now let's talk about the cost.

    We have developed this service to be affordable to everyone. Whether you process one order per week or several hundreds...there is a plan to suit your needs.


    Plan Commission
    Partner Fee*
    Plan 1 10% US$75 US$3,500
    Plan 2 9% US$150 US$3,500
    Plan 3 8% US$225 US$3,500
    Plan 4 8% US$350 No Maximum
    Plan 5 10% US$250 No Maximum

    * This is an administrative fee for setting up and maintaining your account.

    ** Of course, you are NOT restricted to the monthly maximum. However, sales receipts above the monthly maximum for your Plan will be paid after an extra 30 days or your account will be upgraded to the next level of service.

    The plans are designed to meet the needs of your processing volume, whether you have orders totaling $100 or $5,000 or more per month. If your orders total $100, then Plan 1 was designed for you. If your orders total $5,000 or more , then Plan 4 is the way to go.

    You must determine the best Plan for your business. You may also change Plans at any time. However, we will only allow you to move to a lower rate Plan as your volume increases. You will only be allowed to go back to a higher rate Plan at renewal time.

    MetroCredit is here to help you improve sales. Therefore, we have made it easy for you to start with Plan 1 and work your way up as your sales grows.

    ***Here's the guarantee:

    We are here to help you succeed. However, if you should ever become dissatisfied with MetroCredit's products or services, you may cancel your agreement at any time.

    Here's how to apply:

    Retrieve the application form by sending any message here
    This form should be in your mailbox within 60 seconds.
    Fill out the form and send by email to
    or fax it back to us : Fax 770-565-5888
    You may also send it by snail mail to the Metro Marketing, Inc. ( The address on the same page. )

    You can also fill in your MetroCredit order/application online. Just go to the

    MetroCredit's Secure Order/Application Form

    We will notify you when your application has been approved. It usually takes 24-36 hours.

    THERE ARE NO APPLICATION FEES! NO PROCESSING EQUIPMENT! NO TERMINALS or any other form of long term lease that others charge you.

    Questions or comments may be directed to: MetroCredit

    MetroCredit is in business to help everyone succeed.

    Here are some reasons Multicards will be your best choice for getting your credit card orders processed:

    • Low Rates
    • New Business Accepted
    • No Monthly Minimums
    • No Voice Authorization Fee
    • Poor Credit Accepted
    • Funds Available Every Monday by Check
    • Best of all: Secure online order page processing included


    MetroCredit believes they have low rates available starting at just 8% for this type of program. Remember this is not a merchant account. This is a program that gives you extra sales power by the setup of an online secure order page with credit card acceptance ability.
    Their low transaction fees are only charged one (1) time at the time of the transaction and not again at the end of the day like 99% of the others do and then charge you an extra fee because of low or high volume. There are no daily, weekly or monthly statement fees

    Since all your transactions are processed by MetroCredit you have another advantage. No need to buy expensive processing terminals and no monthly payments on a lease to own basis.


    Once again, MetroCredit CC processing Partners pay

    • NO monthly minimum processing fee
    • NO voice authorization fees
    • NO long distance charges for processing
    • NO daily closeout fees

    and enjoy a risk free application process, with no hassles, and no strict credit requirements!!!

    Simply put, MetroCredit is your BEST OPTION for processing services in the World.


    So, what are you waiting for?! Simply complete the Online Secure Order/Application Form and you will be contacted to have your account set-up!

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